Ancient American Texts: Edit

800 Clay and Stone Tablets from Wizard King's Ziggurat

  • 53 tablets of spells and magic formulas
    • 1 Recipe for reverse healing potions
    • 3 detailing the making and control of golems
    • 5 detailing the theories and use of binding rituals
    • 3 detailing undead conversion rituals
    • 5 detailing the experimentation of the lich process
  • 350 tablets of taxation, construction, trade, and agricultural recordings
  • 62 tablets of daily information
    • 15 detailing crops and planting information
    • 10 detailing recipes and cooking
    • 1 detailing the forging of bronze
    • 2 detailing the maintenance of armies
    • 8 detailing local diseases and treatments for them
  • 19 tablets of maps and geography
    • 2 detailing the Maya Lands
    • 1 detailing the Exploration Colony
    • 5 detailing the Olmec Homeland
    • 1 detailing the Tribe of Islands
    • 1 detailing the Zapotec Lands
    • 1 detailing the City State of Teotihuacan
    • 1 detailing the Lands of Mountain and Jungle
    • 1 detailing Wyvern Island
    • 4 detailing the Wizard King's domains
    • 1 detailing the Sheltering Island
    • 1 detailing the Markland caves
  • 82 tablets of history
    • 4 detailing the vague history of the Olmec
    • 5 detailing the fall of Olmec civilization
    • 5 detailing the Dark Times
    • 10 detailing the rise of the Neo Olmec
    • 6 detailing the building of Tenochtitlan
    • 14 detailing the voyage of northern exploration
    • 1 detailing the building of La Venta
    • 8 detailing the building of Tres Zapotes
  • 35 tablets of the Wizard King's writings
    • 5 detailing the joys of being a lich
    • 7 detailing the horrors of being a lich
    • 3 detailing his theories on the working of liches
    • 10 detailing comprehensible thoughts ad musings
    • 9 detailing incomprehensible thoughts and musings
    • 3 detailing his memories of Ichtia
  • 45 tablets on the history of Troll Lands Ziggurat history
    • 18 detailing the rule of wizard lords and later the wizard king
    • 3 detailing the Troll Wars
    • 6 detailing the explorations outward
    • 2 detailing natural disasters
  • 13 tablets on laws and punishments
  • 25 tablets of correspondence from the Olmec homeland
  • 41 tablets of correspondence from Wyvern Island
  • 30 tablets of correspondence from Sheltering Island
  • 30 tablets on flora and fauna of the local area
    • 4 detailing the nature of trolls
    • 1 detailing the discovery of dinosaur bones
    • 1 detailing wyverns
    • 1 detailing the ape-men (yetis)

50 Clay and Stone Tablets from Abandoned Ziggurat

Christian Europe Texts: Edit

Christian Religious Texts:

  • Bible
    • Leather bound illuminated, hand bound: Book of Revelations (Latin)
    • Leather bound illuminated, hand bound: Book of Gospel of Mark, Hebrews, Jude (Latin)
    • Leather bound illuminated, hand bound: Book of Acts of Barnabas (Latin)
    • Leather bound illuminated, hand bound: Book of 1st peter, 2nd peter, 1st john, 2nd john, 3rd john (Latin)
    • Leather
bound illuminated, hand bound: Book of Canons of the Apostles (Catholic
50), Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Paul and Theda (Latin)
  • Leather bound illuminated, hand bound: Book of Nunnaminster (prayer book) (Anglo-Saxon and Latin translation)
  • Masterfully illuminated and illustrated Codex Ardmachanus (Latin)

Old Texts from Antiquity (5 books)

  • Roman text detailing Agricola's military expedition into Caledonia (Classic Latin)
  • Near mint ancient copy of the astronomical work of Ptolemy (Koine Greek)
  • Good condition book of Roman Erotica x2 (Late Latin)
  • Slightly worn book "Meno" on Plato Psychology (Late Latin)
  • Very weathered Sophistical Refutations by Aristotle (Late Latin)
  • Slightly worn Physics by Aristotle (Late Latin)
  • Good condition Aeneid by Virgil (Classic Latin)
  • Good condition Iliad by Homer (Latin)

Anglo-Saxon Literature

  • Junius Manuscript (Latin)
  • Exeter Book (Latin)
  • Vercelli Book (Latin)
  • Beowulf Manuscript (Latin)

Leather bound, Illuminated Qur'an

Fifth Order of Enlightenment- Ibn Masarra on Sufi Mysticism

Muslim World Texts: Edit

(350 total)

Ibn Qutaybah (Arabic) (10 books)

  • al-‘Arab wa ‘Ulūmuhā on Arab intellectual history
  • al-Ashriba on alcoholic beverages
  • I‘rāb al-Qur’ān, a philological commentary
  • al-Jarāthīm in linguistics
  • al-Na‘m wal-Bahā’im on cattle and livestock
  • al-Nabāt in botany
  • al-Radd ‘alā al-Qā’il bi Khalq al-Qur’ān, against those who assert the createdness of the Qur’an
  • Ta‘bīr al-Ru’yā on the interpretation of dreams
  • ‘Uyūn al-Akhbār in history
  • ‘Uyūn al-Shi‘r in poetry

Ibn Khordadbeh ( 10 Books)

  • The Book of Roads and Kingdoms by Ibn Khordadbeh (Volumes I and II) (Arabic)
  • The Book of etiquettes of listening to music (Arabic)
  • The Book of Persian genealogy (Middle Iranian)
  • The Book of cooking (Arabic)
  • The Book of drinking (Arabic)
  • The Book of astral patterns (Arabic)
  • The Book of boon-companions (Arabic)
  • The Book of world history (Mozarabic)
  • The Book of music and musical instruments (Mozarabic)

Ibn Abi Tahir Tayfur (7 books)

  • Kitab al-Manthur wa al-Manzum (Book of prose and poetry) (Volumes I, II, and III) (Arabic)
  • Kitab Baghdad (Book of Baghdad) (Volume I) (Mozarabic)
  • Balaghat al-Nisa (the eloquence of women) (Mozarabic)
  • Al-Mushtaq (Arabic)
  • Kitab Sariqat Abi Tammama (book of borrowings/plagiarism of Abi Tammama) (Arabic)

Al-Muqaddas (1 Book)

  • The Best Divisions in the Knowledge of the Regions (Arabic)

Al-Jahiz (4 books)

  • Kitab al-Hayawan (Book of Animals) (Mozarabic)
  • Kitab al-Bukhala (Book of Misers) also (Avarice & the Avaricious) (Mozarabic)
  • Kitab al-Bayan wa al-Tabyin (The Book of eloquence and demonstration) (Mozarabic)
  • Risalat mufakharat al-sudan 'ala al-bidan (Treatise on Blacks) (Mozarabic)

Abu al-Mundhir Hisham bin Muhammed bin al-Sa'ib bin Bishr al-Kalbi

  • Treaty of Abd al-Muttalib and Khuza'ah (Arabic)
  • Treaty of al-Fadhul and Qissat al-Ghazal (Arabic)
  • Treaty of Kalb and Tamim (Arabic)
  • Light-Armed Raiders (Al-Mughirat) (Mozarabic)
  • Treaty to the Conversion to Islam among the Quraysh (Arabic)
  • Contests for Nobility (Al-Munafarat) (Arabic)
  • Aristocratic Families of Quraysh (Arabic)
  • Aristocratic Families of Rabi'ah (Mozarabic)
  • The Sermons of Ali, for Whom may There Be Peace (Mozarabic)
  • The Nobility of Quasayy ibn Kilab and His Children during the Pre-Islamic Period and Islam (Arabic)
  • Nicknames of the Yaman (Mozarabic)
  • Nicknames of the Rabi'ah (Mozarabic)
  • Kinanah, Asad, Tamim, Qays, Iyad, and Rabi'ah (Mozarabic)
  • Naming
of Those of 'Ad, Thamud, al-Amalik (the Amelekites), Jurhum, and the 

Banu Isra'il (Children of Israel) among the Arabs Who Rendered Extra Favors (Arabic)

  • Story of al-Hijris and the Names of Its Tribes (Arabic)
  • Reproaches (Mozarabic)
  • Insurrections (Arabic)
  • Kings of the Tribes (Hellenistic Persia) (Arabic)
  • Kings of Kindah (Arabic)
  • Aristocratic Families of Yaman (Mozarabic)
  • The Tubba' Kings of the Yaman (Mozarabic)
  • He Who Recited a Verse of Poetry and Been Nicknamed for It (Arabic)
  • The Women of the Qraysh Who Are Known (Arabic)
  • Traditions of Adam and His Offspring (Mozarabic)
  • 'Ad, the Beginning and the End (Arabic)
  • The Scattering of 'Ad (Mozarabic)
  • Elders of the Children of israel (Arabic)
  • The Forefathers (Ancients) (Arabic)
  • Language of the Birds (Arabic)
  • Languages (Vernaculars) of the Qur'an (Mozarabic)
  • Persons Who Have Lived to an Advanced Age (Arabic)
  • Idols (Mozarabic)
  • Teeth of the Slaughtered Animal (Mozarabic)
  • Religions of the Arabs (Mozarabic)
  • The Yaman and the Rule of Sayf (Arabic)
  • Wives of the Prophet, May Allah Bless Him and Give Him Peace (Mozarabic)
  • Marriages of Arab Couples (Mozarabic)
  • Accounts of the Jinn and Their Poems (Mozarabic)
  • History (Arabic)
  • History of the Traditions of the Caliphs (Mozarabic)
  • The Descriptions (Qualities) of the Caliphs (Arabic)
  • The Ones Who Pray (Mozarabic)
  • The Countries (large book) (Mozarabic)
  • The Countries (small book) (Arabic)
  • The Four Wonders (Arabic)
  • Arab Fairs (Arabic)
  • Listing of the Names of Men and Women in the Poetry of Imru' al-Qays (Arabic)
  • The Battles of Fazarah and the Conflicts of the Banu Shayban (Mozarabic)
  • Al-Mundhir, king of the Arabs (Arabic)
  • The battle of Sunnayq (Arabic)
  • Al-Kilab, Which Was about the battle of Nashshash (Mozarabic)
  • The Battles of the Banu Naifah (Arabic)
  • The Battles of Qays ibn Tha 'labah (Mozarabic)
  • Musaylimah the Imposter and Sajah (Arabic)
  • The Traditions (Legends) (Mozarabic)
  • Wonders of the Sea (Arabic)
  • Children of the Caliphs (Arabic)
  • Female Ancestors (Mothers) of the Prophet, May Allah Bless Him and Give Him Peace (Mozarabic)

Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn 'Umar al-Waqidi (20 books)

  • History, Raids, and Deputations (Mozarabic)
  • Historical Traditions of Makkah (Arabic)
  • The Invasion of Syria (Arabic)
  • The Invasion of al-Iraq (Mozarabic)
  • The Battle of the Camel (Mozarabic)
  • The Biography of the Prophet (Mozarabic)
  • Marriage of the Prophet, for Whom Be Peace (Mozarabic)
  • The War of Aws and Phazarz (Mozarabic)
  • The Battle of Siffin (Mozarabic)
  • The Incident of the Abyssinians and the Elephant (Arabic)
  • The Death of the Prophet, for Whom Be Peace (Mozarabic)
  • Acknowledgment (Ba'ah) of Abu Bakr (Arabic)
  • The Life and Death of Abu Bakr (Mozarabic)
  • The
Claims of the Quraysh and the Ansar to the Land Tax Collection, the 

Establishment by 'Umar of the Registers and Classifications of the Tribes, with Their Ranks and Genealogies (Mozarabic)

  • The Desired, concerning a knowledge of the raids (wars of early Islam) and the errors of men (Mozarabic)
  • Minting Gold Coins (Dinar) and Silver Coins (Dirham) (Arabic)
  • History of the Legal Authorities (Mozarabic)
  • Al-Adab (Literary Pursuits) (Mozarabic)
  • Errors of the Hadith (Arabic)
  • The Sunnah, the Jama'ah, the Evil of Passion, and Refraining from Rebellion (Arabic)

Abu Mikhnaf (16 books)

  • Apostasy (al-Riddah) (Mozarabic)
  • The Invasion of Syria (Mozarabic)
  • The Invasion of al-Iraq (Arabic)
  • Battle of the Camel (Mozarabic)
  • Battle of Siffin (Arabic)
  • People of Nahrawan and Khawarij (Arabic)
  • Raids (Al-Gharat; early wars of Islam involving plunder) (Arabic)
  • Al-Shura and the Assassination of Uthman (Mozarabic)
  • The Slaying of Muhammad ibn Ullafah (Arabic)
  • The Death of Mu'awiyah, the Reign of al-Yazid, the Battle of al-Harrah, and the Fortifications of Ibn al-Zabayr (Arabic)
  • Marj Bahit, the Election of Marwan, and the Slaying of al-Dahkak ibn Qays (Arabic)
  • Mus'ab and His Province, al-Iraq (Mozarabic)
  • The Slaying of Sa'id ibn al-'As (Arabic)
  • The Story of ya Humayra and the Slaying of Ibn al Ash'ath (Mozarabic)
  • Bilal al-Khariji (Mozarabic)
  • Khalid ibn 'Abd Allah al-Qasri and Yusuf ibn 'Umar, the Death of Hisham, and the Reign of al-Walid ibn Yazid (Mozarabic)

Laqit al-Muharibi (3 books)

  • Al-Samur (swift camels) (Mozarabic)
  • Spearmen and Robbers (Arabic)
  • Information about the Jinn (Arabic)

Khalid ibn Taliq ibn Muhammad ibn Imran ibn Husayn al-Khuza'i (4 books)

  • Heroic Deeds (Arabic)
  • Al-Muzawwajat (married women) (Mozarabic)
  • Suits to Defend Nobility (Mozarabic)
  • The Proof (Mozarabic)

Biography, History, and Geography (17 Books) Edit

  • The
Names and Accounts of the First Auhtorities from Whom a Knowledge of 

heroic Deeds, Genealogies, and Anecdotes Was Derived by Abu al-Hasan ibn

al-Kufi (Mozarabic)
  • The Kings and Traditions of the Peoples of the Past by Ubayd ibn Sharyah (Arabic)
  • Similes (Proverbs) by Alaqah ibn Karsham al-Kilabi (Mozarabic)
  • The Power (Glory) of Persons Given to Vanities by Al-Sughdi (Mozarabic)
  • Raids (early wars of Islam) by Najih al-Madani (Mozarabic)
  • The Beginning by 'Abd al-Mun'im ibn Idris ibn Sinan ibn ibnat Mahb ibn Munabbih
  • Book of the Genealogies of the Noble by Al-Baladhuri (Arabic)
  • Rūsiyyah (Bulgar Varangians) by Ahmad ibn Fadlan (Arabic)
  • The face of the Earth by Ibn Hawqal (arabic)
    • Masālik ul-Mamālik by Istakhri (Arabic)
      • Ṣuwar al-aqālīm by Ahmed ibn Sahl al-Balkhi (Arabic)
  • Chronicle of Ibn Wadih by Ya'qubi (Arabic)
  • Book of the Countries by Ya'qubi (Arabic)
  • History of the Prophets and Kings by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (Arabic)
  • The Commentary on the Qur'an by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (Arabic and Mozarabic)
  • Tahdhib al-Athar (never compelted) by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (Mozarabic)


  • One Thousand and One Nights (10 Volumes) (Arabic, Mozarabic, and Middle Iranian) (30 books)
  • Sinbad the Sailor (Volumes I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII) (Arabic) (7 books)
  • Stories of Aladdin (3 Texts) (Mozarabic) (3 books)
  • Stories of Ali Baba (1 Text) (Mozarabic) (1 book)


  • Mu'allaqat ( The Hanging Poems) by Ar-Rawiya (Arabic)
  • Compilation of Poems by Al-Khansa (2 texts) (Arabic)
  • Compilation of Poems by Layla al-Akhyaliyya (Arabic)


  • Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity (52 Volumes) (Arabic)
  • Book of curious and entertaining information by Al-Tha'ālibī (Mozarabic)

About the Qur'an

  • Commentary
    • Commentary of al-Baqir (Mozarabic)
    • Commentary of Ibn Abbas (Arabic)
    • Commentary of Ibn Tha'lab (Arabic)
    • Commentary of Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Jani (Arabic)
    • Commentary of Malik ibn Anas (Arabic)
    • Commentary of al-Sukkari (Arabic)
    • Commentary of Zayd ibn Aslam (Arabic)
    • Commentary of al-Suddi (Arabic)
    • Commentary of Ismail ibn Abi Ziyad (Arabic)
    • Commentary of Da'ud ibn Abi hind (Arabic)
    • Commentary of Abu Rawq (Mozarabic)
    • Commentary of Sa'id ibn Da'ud (Arabic)
  • Meaning of the Qur'an and Its Ambiguity and Metaphor
    • Meaning of the Qur'an by al-Kisas'i (Mozarabic)
    • Meaning of the Qur'an by Yunus ibn Habib (Arabic)
    • Meaning of the Qur'an by al-Mubarrad (Arabic)
    • Meaning of the Qur'an by Qutrub the grammarian (Arabic)
    • Meaning of the Qur'an by Abu Fayd Mu'arraj al-Sadusi (Arabic)
    • A Refutation of Whoever Denies the Metaphorical in the Qur'an by al-Hasan ibn Ja'far al-Rahi (Mozarabic)
    • Answer of the Qur'an by Ibn Uyaynah (Arabic)
    • Light of Souls in Ma'nani of the Qur'an and What is Obscure and Ambiguous in It by al-Mufaddal ibn Salamah (Mozarabic)
    • The Beautiful Book on Meaning of the Qur'an by al-Akhfash (Arabic)
    • The Middle Ground between Tha'lab and al-Akhfash by Ibn Durustuyah (Arabic)
    • The Disciple of Tongus for Qur'anic Grammar and Meaning by Abu Bakr ibn Ashtah al-Isbahani (Arabic)
    • The
Meaning of the Qur'an, Its Interpretation and Ambiguity by Abu-Hasan, 

Ali ibn Isa ibn Da'ud ibn al-Jarrah, the vizier Abu Bakr ibn Mujahid, and Abu al-Husayn al-Khazzaz (Mozarabic)

  • About the Strange in the Qur'an
    • Grammatical Analysis of Thirty Surahs of the Qur'an by Khalawayh (Arabic)
    • The Strange in the Qur'an by Abu Ubaydah (Arabic)
    • The Strange in the Qur'an by Mu'arraj al-Sadusi (Arabic)
    • The Strange in the Qur'an by Ibn Qutaybah (Arabic)
    • The Strange in the Qur'an by Abu al-Rahman al-Yazidi (Arabic)
  • About Expressions of Qur'an
    • Expressions of the Qur'an by al-Farra (Arabic)
    • Expressions of the Qur'an by Abu Zayd (Arabic)
    • Expressions of the Qur'an al-Asma'i (Arabic)
    • Expressions of the Qur'an al-Haytham ibn Adi (Arabic)
    • Expressions of the Qur'an Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Qati'i (Arabic)
  • Qur'anic Readings
    • Proofs for Reading by Ibn Durustuyah (Arabic)
    • The Readings by Khalaf ibn Isham al-Bazzar (Arabic)
    • The Readings by Ibn Sa'dan (Arabic)
  • Consonant Points and Vowel Signs (Arabic)
    • al-Khalil about consonant points (Arabic)
    • Abu Hatim al-Sijistani abotu consonant points and vowel signs (Arabic)
  • Discrepancies of Qur'anic Manuscripts
    • The Discrepancies between the Manuscripts of the People of al-Madinah, al-Kufah, and al-Basrah by al-Kisa'i (Mozarabic)
  • Sections of the Qur'an
    • The Sevenths of the Qur'an by Hamzah (Arabic)
    • Book of the Thirty Sections by Abu Bakr ibn 'Ayyash (Arabic)
    • Book by Abu Umar al-Duri (Arabic)
  • Virtues of the Qur'an
    • About rare forms of the Qur'an by Ali ibn Ibrahim ibn Hashim (Arabic)
    • Book by Abu Ubayd al-Qasim ibn Sallam (Arabic)
    • Book by Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn Abi Shaybah (Mozarabic)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Answers of the Qur'an by Ahamd ibn Ali al-Mihrajani (Arabic)
    • leaving the Contradictions in the Qur'an by Firyabi (Arabic)
    • Metaphor by Abu Ubaydah (Mozarabic)
    • The Letters by Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Hammad al-Kufi (Arabic)
    • Questions Scattered through the Qur'an by Abu Shuqayr (Arabic)

(297/350 books listed)