For trade in Europe:

all gemstones

612 lbs. fur, 564 lbs. hides, 107 lbs. ivory, gemstones, 22 lbs. gold (Hjalmar), 2,000 p (Eilifr), 20 lbs. gold and 40 lbs. silver (Hafgrim), 354 Vinland silver pennies (first run), 787 Vinland gold pennies, each worth 14P (first run), 6,010 Vinland silver pennies (second run), 1,383 Vinland gold pennies, each worth 14P (second run), 2050 al-Andalus golden dinars (35P each). 6,000 lbs. tobacco, 81 tons logs

1,000 lbs. steel

26 lbs. Damascus steel

Troll Loot:

20,000 ancient silver pennies

18,000 ancient gold pennies

9 gems

10 art objects

6 magic items

Monastery Loot:

20 3lb silver candle sticks

6 10lb silver candle sticks

19 .5lb silver crosses

6 .5lb golden crosses

1 3 ft tall ornate carved silver jewel studded cross

24 sets of silver knives and spoons

20 silver bowls

2 golden jewel encrusted bowls

3 glass combric bowls

6 glass combric goblets

17 silver goblets

6 silver challaces

2 golden gem studded challaces

1 golden abbet's ring with no gem

31 Gallon barrel of common wine

18 gallen rumlet of fine wine

1 Healer's Kit

Native Loot:

107 Simple Cloaks

93 pairs of simple trousers

59 pairs of plain tunics

64 lbs herbs

10 wigwams

130 hide shields

30 war clubs

20 assorted farming tools


6,000 P to the family of Erik the Red

18,000 P to prominent Icelandic families

40 Large Hide Armors

20 Medium Clubs

40 Large Sacks

5d30 stone marbles

35 2 Gallon Waterskins (8lb. each)

354 Vinland silver pennies (first run)

787 Vinland gold pennies, each worth 14P (first run)

6,010 Vinland silver pennies (second run) (still begin made)

1,383 Vinland gold pennies, each worth 14P (second run) (still being made)

6,830 Ancient Silver Pennies

6,090 Silver Anglo-Saxon, Danish and Norwegian Pennies

1,696 Irish silver pennies

50 Irish gold pennies

8050 al-Andalus golden dinars (35P each)

18,625 al-Andalus silver dirhams (2P each)

45 Ancient golden pennies

5lb Bronze Bar (100 P) x17

5lb Gold Bar (16,000 P) x1

5lb Iron Bar (25 P) x2

5lb Silver Bar (1,600 P) x3

6.5lb gold in small weights

2lb Golden Chain

32lb Iron (bog)

162lb Moderate Quality Iron

35 lb Bronze

3.5lb Silver


ring of freedom of movement

Libriam of infallable damnation. (must be evil)

• Alchemy (Anti-Poison II, Anti-Poison III, Healing II x2, Healing III x4, Anti-Healing II x2, Anti-Healing III x2)

• Poison (G, H x2, I, J x2)

• Potions: Elixir of Health, Invisibility, Philter of Persuasiveness

[[#|Bag of Holding]]

Magic Ring 3 wishes

Ornate Stone Case (500 P)

10 Wooden Rune Carvings (spell book)

Deck of Illusions

Bracers of Armor (cursed)

Ring of Jumping

Fragments of broken clay [[#|tablets]]

5 Fine Woven Wool Robes (20 P)

Adventuring Loot

35 2 Gallon Waterskins (8lb. each)

96lb. Herbs

1,875 lb Ivory

Troll Ship- Large Coastal Knarr

(192 quarts or 48 gallons water total storage) (0/21 days)

[[#|Water Barrel]]: 31 Gallons

12 Wineskins: 12quartz

7 Wineskins: 14 gallons

Each person needs 3 quarts per day

Wooden Canoe

12 lb herbs

3 Sling- 3P

1 Sack

3 Bone Daggers

2 Leather Armor

1 Fancy Trousers

11,000 rocks- 0P

Artwork and [[#|Jewelry]]

500lb 3 foot state of Ogre King with golden crown and silver axe (1,500P)

Shinny Bone Comb (90P)

Linnorm Bone Pendant (400P)

Silver Fertility Charm (700P)

Ancient Nordic Stone Carvings from Heroic Age (900P)

Necklace of Shark Teeth (30P)

Carved Stone Figure (70P)

[[#|Bracelets]] of Multi-Colored Stones (300P) x3

Collection of Silver, Golden, and Painted Clay and Stone Beads (250 P)

Ornate Golden Cutlery, Bowls, and Cups (600 P)

Large clay jugs with images of foreign gods, x5 (60 P)

Stone disks with deity images, x9 (80 P)

Silver deity statuette, x3 (250 P)

Simple Silver Cups, x18 (35 P)

Numerous Stone [[#|tablets]] filled with carvings, x8 (25 P)

12 [[#|Silver Rings]] of Various Designs, x20 (50 P)

Carved Silver Rod, x4 (120 P)

Necklaces of Painted Beads, x5 (40 P)

Ornate Carved Stone Chest (250 P)

Filled with ornamental stone disks, x19 (55 P)

Small Bronze Figurines of [[#|Animals]], x5 (30 P)

Small Stone Figures of Humans, x4 (25 P)

Broken Silver Circlet (400 P)

35 Amber beads (75 P)

Silver animal trinkets, 5 (35 P)

Preserved [[#|Wood Carvings]] of Mythic Images, 25 (150 P)

Collection of Silver, Golden, and Painted Clay and Stone Beads (250 P)

Carved [[#|Pottery]] with images of many scenes of life and foreign people, chipping paint, x25 (60 P)

Silver trinkets in the shape of eagles, bats, and great felines, x6 (80 P)

[[#|Silk Bag]] with [[#|Silver Beads]] (150 P)

Irregular Multi Colored Pearls, 50 (50 P)

Thin, Golden Scepter with Eagle head (1,200 P)

Silver Bowls with symetic designs, x8 (80 P)

Stone Statues of Bat-like monsters, x4 (65 P)

Silver Bear Statue with Gem eyes (400P)

Carved Clay boxes and tubes with flaking paint, x10 (40 P)

Carved Pottery with images of many scenes of life and foreign people, chipping paint, x25 (60 P)

Silver trinkets in the shape of eagles, bats, and great felines, x6 (80 P)

Golden plates depicting sun-like faces, x2 (500 P)

Ornate Walnut and [[#|Cherry Chest]] with Wooden Hinges and Latches and Golden Runes (850 P)

Ivory and Gold Comb (250 P)

Plain Silver Ring, 5 (20 P)

Silver Jaguar Statue, x2 (200 P)

Large Stone God’s Head (100 P)

Ceremonial Silver Dagger (150 P)

Intricate Bronze Rings, x3 (60 P)

Damaged Golden Bracelet (400 P)

4 Golden Rings with garnets (750 P)

12 Golden Disk depicting faces and symmetrical deigns (600 P)

5 Clay Wolf Statues (35 P)

Electrum Mask (800 P)

25 Numerous Stone tablets filled with carvings (25 P)

Golden Statue of a Snarling Dragon Encrusted with gems (6,000 P)

[[#|Silver Pendant]] with large pearls (2,000 P)

Stone Carving with Silver and Gold Inlay (1,200 P)

Jeweled [[#|Silver Rings]] (500P) x3

Ivory Statuette of Hunter (80 P)

Great Silver Engraved Chalice (400 P)

Golden Ladle (300 P)

Oak Chest with Silver Inlay and Onyx (300 P)

Small Silver Bear Statue (100 P)

Small Silver Wolf Statue (90 P)

Stone Face Carving with Pearl Eyes and Golden Teeth (1,200 P)

Golden Necklace with Ivory [[#|Charms]] (900 P)

Bronze and Silver Bathtub (900 P) 60 lb

[[#|Silver Rings]] set with Topaz (600 P) x2

Ivory Cup (30 P)

Golden Scribing Tool (90 P)

Necklace of Silver Beads (100 P)

Silver garnet Ring (600 P)

Ornate Golden Tablet Case with Arcane Engravings (5,000 P)

Silver Ornate Ring (35 P)

[[#|Bronze Chain]] with Bat-Head Medallion (140 P)

Ivory Drinking Horn (30 P)

Golden Braclets, troll sized (350 P)

Golden [[#|Sapphire Ring]] (1,500 P)

Silver Quartz Ring (100 P) x3

Silver Topaz Ring (800 P)

Silver Ring (65 P) x2

25 Silver Holy Symbols

11 Silver Rings with Various Gems (8,500 P)

Decorative Silver Ring(60 P)

Ivory Bracelet with Gold Trim (100 P)

Silver Torc (120 P)

Golden Bead Necklace(180 P)

Gold Ring with Obsidian(300 P) x2

[[#|Pearl Earrings]] (400 P)

Golden Garnet Ring(600 P) x2

Silver Necklace with Topaz Studs (1,000 P)

Golden Ring with [[#|Sapphire]](1,500 P)

Ivory and Gold Belt(2,000 P)

Silver Crown with Intricate Designs(2,500 P)

Diamond Studded Golden Torc(10,000 P)


0 Blue Quartz (9P)

5 Banded Agate (9P)

4 Iolite (9P)

0 Lapis Lazuli (9P)

0 Banded Agate, cut (10 P)

0 Iolite, cut (10 P)

0 Dull Quartz, cut (10 P)

0 Lapis Lazuli (10 P)

3 Jasper (45P)

2 Rose Quartz (45P)

6 Citrine Quartz (45P)

6 Smoky Quartz (45P)

8 Zircon (45P)

3 Simple Labradorite (45P)

3 Small Flawed Topaz (45P)

8 Zircon, cut (50 P)

9 Jasper, cut (50 P)

10 Blue Quartz, cut (50 P)

1 Citrine Quartz, cut (50 P)

20 Smoky Quartz, cut (50 P)

4 Simple Labradorite, (50 P)

1 Amber (90P)

5 Amethyst (90P)

11 Tourmaline (90P)

7 Spinel, Red (90 P)

6 Small Tsavorite Garnet (90P)

1 Hessonite Garnet (90P)

20 Amber, cut (100 P)

20 Jet, cut (100 P)

0 Labradorite, cut (100 P)

11 Tourmaline, cut (100 P)

4 Amethyst, cut (100 P)

1 Small Topaz, cut (250 P)

4 Almandine Garnet (450P)

2 Tsavorite Garnet (450P)

4 Aquamarine Beryl (450P)

4 Spinel (450 P)

10 Topaz (450P)

4 Flawed Yellow Sapphire (450P)

3 Almandine Garnet, cut (500 P)

1 Tsavorite, cut (500 P)

4 Beryl, cut (500 P)

1 Aquamarine, cut (500 P)

4 Topaz, cut (500 P)

4 Spinel, cut (500 P)

1 Brilliant Dark Blue Spinel (585 P)

2 Emerald Beryl (630P)

1 Unique Almandine Garnet (720 P)

1 Small Sapphire (720 P)

2 Pink Corundum (900 P)

1 Purple Corundum (900 P)

2 Blue Sapphire (900P)

1 Yellow Sapphire (900 P)

1 Large Tsavorite Garnet (900P)

1 Large Topaz, cut (1,000 P)

3 Purple Corundum, cut (1,000 P)

2 Sapphire, cut (1,000 P)

0 Brilliant Sapphire (1,800 P)

1 Large Sapphire (1,800 P)

1 Diamond (4,500P)

1 Star Sapphire (4.500P)

1 Unique Sapphire (4,500P)

1 Large Pink Corundum, cut (5,000 P)

1 Brilliant Diamond (10,800P)


2 Elixir of Health

Potion of Super Heroism

Potion of Water Breathing

Oil of Fiery Burning (Delusion)

Oil of Elemental immunity (Fire)

Potion of Giant Strength (Warrior) x2 (Storm Giant & ?)

3 Oil of Acid Resistance

Potion of Flying

Sweet Water

8 Potion of Extra Healing 3d8 +3

8 Potions of Healing 2d4+2

2 Poison J (Distilled Water Hemlock)

Poison H

Poison I

Potion of Speed (Double Speed, double attacks per round, 5d4 rnds)

Oil of Slipperiness

Philter of Glibness

2 Philter of Love

3 Potion of Levitation

2 Potion of Clairaudience

Potion of Plant Control

Potion of [[#|Animal Control]] (avians)

Potion of Vitality

Potion of Ventriloquism

2 Unknown Potions

potion of Gaseous Form

Oil of Disenchantment

Diminutive Potion (1d4+7 rounds) 99%

1 Potion of Persuasiveness

1 Potion of Invulnerability

1 Elixir of Youth

1 Elixir of Health

1 Oil of Fumbling

1 Elixir of Madness

1 potion of water breathing

10 half barrels

  • Anti-Poison II & III (1/week)
  • |Healing Herbs I, II, III, & III (1/day)
  • Recovery Herbs I & II (1day)
  • Poison J (1/week)


Items at Vinland Camp


Bolge Hest- Wave Horse- Leif Eiriksson's knarr

Villsvin Spyd- Boar Spear- Thorvald's snekkja

Gamall Bera- Old Bear- Freyrsheim's knarr

Metnaður- Ambition- Hjalmar's knarr

Vindar Orlag- Winds of Fortune- Eileifr's troll knarr

Gullin Örn- Golden Eagle- Hafgrim's knarr

Svart Fjöru- Black Tide- Ivar's knarr

Living Provisions:

4 large tents

100 blankets

30-ish candles

100 torches 5 p (number varies, can be made on site)

5 cauldron and tripod

198 yards cloth common

90 lbs. soap 50 p

3,000 lb Chitin (3,000 P)

6 square yards fish net

60 Small Baskets

24 Stone Pots

5 Large Chests

100 lb Leather

Weapons and Armor:

5 Studded Leather

4 Hide Armor

Bronze Short Swords, x28

Bronze Battle Axe

2,750 Bronze Sling Bullets

1,000 Bronze Broadhead Arrows

600 Bronze Bodkin Arrows

200 Bronze Javelins

2 Bronze Hand Axes

32 Bronze Daggers

0 Bronze Knives

0 Bronze Spears


20 mallets, picks, rakes, shovels

10 hoes, pitchforks and scythes

6 wheelbarrows

14 barrels

600 ft rope

10 fishing nets

15 flint and steel

90 sacks

2 cart

3 cart harnesses

2 Wagons

4 Sleigh

11 yoke

3 small plow

2 large plows

22 ft Chain

46 Barrels


Domesticated Work/War Animals

  • Vinland Fenrir
    • lots of puppies
    • 153 male, 112 female
  • 9 horses
  • 3 Mules
  • 4 Donkey
  • 9 Oxen


Mead (8 tun)

70 lbs. cheese

23 lbs. butter

10 gallons, 78 oz. honey

34 lbs. nuts

185 lbs. salt

107 lbs. herbs

Dried Salted and/or Dried Meat

  • Musk Ox- 3
  • Mountain Goat- 7
  • Stag/Elk- 25
  • Sheep- 8
  • Chicken- 5
  • Geese- 20