Nua Corcaigh- New Cork

Mining/Hunting Community

Silfur Peninsula,Vinland

Government: Cheiftan (Conall the Red), Subservient to Freyrsheim Thing

Population: 23 (1 free, 22 slaves)

Spoken Langauges: Norse, Irish Gaelic, Huronian

Major Religions: Norse Paganism, Neo-Irish Druidism, Roman Catholicism, Huron Polytheism

Imports: Foodstuffs, Iron

Exports: Silver, Gold

Connal’s Family (23)

  • Connal (1)
  • Slaves: Owein, Broen, Niall, Tortgyd, Eabae, Abrahil (6)
  • 16 Male Native slaves

Wooden Palisade Wall

Bloomery to smelt silver and gold

Played out silver mine (worth 84.4 lbs)

Played out silver mine (woth 1.9 lbs)

Played out silver mine (worth 30 lbs)

Played out gold mine (worth 253 lbs)

Played out Dvergr iron mine (worth 147 lbs)