Establish a Camp at Vinland

  • Construct Shelter (100 xp)
  • Plow and Plant Fields (50 xp)
  • Prepare Defenses (150 xp)

Murder some Owlbears

  • Slay the Alpha Male (400 xp)
  • Raise that bitch from the dead (Epic Mount)

Drive Away [[#|Wolves]] from Vinland Camp

  • Made first contact with wolves (30-ish xp)
    • Slay 25 Wolves(100 xp)
    • Slay 100 Wolves (250 xp)
  • Slay the Den Mother wolf (200 xp)

Save your settlement from the pox

  • Tend to the sick and dying (200 xp)
  • Discover a remedy from the natives (500 xp)
  • Travel to Lake Manicougan to find healing herbs (500 xp)
    • Defeat the forest creatures and escape across the water (2,000 xp)
    • Return to Vinland in time to save the Norse (1,500 xp) (1,000 xp to those afflicted with the plague and returned alive)

[[#|Deal]] with Pukje in Vinland

  • Make first contact (100 xp)
  • Successfully defend settlement from raids (250 xp) (150 xp to greatest warrior)
  • Take a Pukje captive (50 xp)
  • Locate the Goblin [[#|settlements]] (100 xp)
    • Raid or destroy the settlements successfully (250 xp) (4)
    • Broker alliance or demand Danegeld (500 xp) (3)

Acquire the Newfoundlander Dog

  • Captured War Dog puppies (100 xp)
  • Name the Breed (50 xp) (Vinland Fenrir)
  • Breed them effectively (250xp)
  • Train the shaggy dogs to kick other people (250 xp)

Deal with the Beothuk in Vinland

  • Negotiate with the tribe
    • Make first friendly contact with the Beothuk (100 xp)
    • Be granted entry into the camp (500 xp) (500 xp for diplomat)
    • Gain the trust of Beothuk (2,000 xp)
      • Stay with Beothuck as honored guests for a season (free proficiency)

Deal with the Trolls of Markland

  • Make first contact (300 xp)
  • Survive the attacks of war parties (500 xp)
    • Strike fear into them, devastate war parties sent to kill you (750 xp)
  • Begin exploring the caves of the trolls (500 xp)
    • Locate the troll havens within the caves and survive (500 xp) (3)
    • Bring the trolls to heel or exterminate them (2,000 xp)
    • Recover the Beothuk treasure (2,000 xp)

Bring back horns and antlers for Havardr

  • Hand in thirty (500 xp, 250 pennies)
  • Hand in fifty (750 xp, 6 sets of lamellar armor)
  • Hand in one hundred (1,000 xp, enchanted lamellar armor)

Make contact with the Cape Breton Trolls

  • Do battle with the troll witches
  • Be allowed entrance into their settlement (2,000 xp)
    • Forge an alliance with the Trolls (3,000 xp)
    • Win back Novia Scotia for the Trolls (5,000 xp)
  • Gain the magic knowledge of the trolls (5,000 xp) (3,000 xp extra for all [[#|spell casters]] who benefit)

Gather strange spell components for Arnbjorn

  • Assassin Vine Wine (500 xp)
  • Bear Eyes (500 xp)
  • Gooseberries, 10lb (500 xp)
  • Limestone Powder (500 xp)
  • Linnorm [[#|scales]] (500 xp)
  • Toes of a giant (500 xp)
  • Walrus Blubber (500 xp)

Fight the great Vikings and Indian war that history nerds dream of

  • Stand with the Cree (2,000 xp)
  • Meet the Heron host in the field (1,500 xp)
    • Defeat their combined might (5,000 xp)
      • With minimal losses (2,000 xp)
    • Claim the head of their chief (2,000 xp)

Glean the Knowledge Needed to Erect a Mighty Tower

  • Summon Hypatia and look upon her savaged form (500 xp)
    • Convince her to strike a deal (500 xp)
    • Build for her a new body
      • Build the flesh from mud and clay (500 xp)
      • Carve runes of power to animate the shell (500 xp)
        • Immerse them in magic to awaken the runes (1,000 xp)
      • Grant her two shining gems for eyes (500 xp)
      • Place in the chest the heart of a witch or warlock (500 xp)
      • Gather ectoplasm to open the netherworld for her coming (500 xp)
      • Summon the spirit and grant it entry into the body (500 xp)
      • Bleed the blood of the living upon her and grant life once more (5,000 xp)