Month Guide

Skammdegi ("Short days")

  1. Gormánuður (mid October – mid November, "slaughter month" or "Gór's month")
  2. Ýlir (mid November – mid December, "Yule month")
  3. Mörsugur (mid December – mid January, "fat sucking month")
  4. Þorri (mid January – mid February, "frozen snow month")
  5. Góa (mid February – mid March, "Góa's month", see Nór)
  6. Einmánuður (mid March – mid April, "lone" or "single month")

Náttleysi ("Nightless days")

  1. Harpa (mid April – mid May) Harpa is a female name, probably a forgotten goddess. The first day of Harpa is celebrated as Sumardagurinn fyrsti, the First Day of Summer
  2. Skerpla (mid May – mid June, another forgotten goddess)
  3. Sólmánuður (mid June – mid July, "sun month")
  4. Heyannir (mid July – mid August, "hay business month")
  5. Tvímánuður (mid August – mid September, "two" or "second month")
  6. Haustmánuður (mid September – mid October, "autumn month")

1000 Common Era

  • Góa- The crew of Bolge Hest,
led by Leif Eriksson, make ready and leave Greenland seeking land said 

to have been seen by Bjarni Herjólfsson some fourteen years prior.

  • Mid Einmánuður- The crew of Bolge Hest, discover Helluland (The Land of Flat Stones). They continue searching southward.
  • Late Einmánuður- The crew of Bolge Hest, discovers Markland (The Land of Forests). They continue searching southward.
  • Mid Harpa- The crew of Bolge Hest,
led by Leif Eriksson, discover Vinland (The Land of Meadows). They make
camp on the northern tip and begin to explore the land. 
  • Late Harpa-
A trio of adventurers (Hjalmar Tokisson, Hafgrim Thuridssen, and 

Eileifr the Lapp) explore outward from the island fighting wolves (which are hunted until their numbers were properly culled) and eventually discovering Pukje creatures. The thrall Wigstan begins his work on what will be his chronicle at the insistance of Hjalmar.

  • Skerpla-
The adventurers strike out against the Pukja, leading a raiding band in

the sack and burning of the Pukje town Govok. In response, the Pukje come to the Vinland Colony but are killed to the last man.

  • Sólmánuður-
The adventurers sack the Pukje town Turrig and the fortress Hihda in 

repsonse to the attacks, which is answered by another raid upon the Vinland colony which is defeated. Eileifr takes a single female child Pukje slave to learn the langauge. The Pukje Pox is spread by the dead creatures, and the Vinland Colony is placed in serious danger of death by unknown, incurable illness. Eileifr the Lapp travels to the south and meets the Boethuk Tribe in hopes of curing the Pukje Pox. A wise man from this tribe, Demabawsan, returns to the Vinland Colony and instructs them of a grove somewhere in Markland that may possess a healing herb capable of curing the Pox.

  • Early Heyannir- The adventurers set out, seeking the grove of Markland.
  • Late Heyannir-
The adventurers discover the ancient grove located on a a great island 

in the forrest. There they fought the forest guardians for the herbs and made their escape.

  • Mid Tvímánuður-
The adventurers make their way back to Vinland and there do battle with

the great Linnorm of the Vinland Bay. Having survived its attack, the adventurers return to the Vinland Colony and administer the healing elixer to the settlers.

  • Late Tvímánuður- The skald Arnbjorn Ulfsen the Rambler drinks a potion created by Eiliefr the Lapp, removing seven years from his age.
  • EarlyHaustmánuður- The Vinland Colony recovers from the Pukje Pox and not a single settler dies.
  • Mid Haustmánuður-
The first year‘s harvest is declared a great success. The colony 

residents hold a feast to celebrate their survival in correspondance with Harvest End, and Eiliefr and Hafgrim force the Urreek Pukje tribe to accept a Danegeld agreement of 25 Ore.

  • Late Haustmánuður-
The discussion of a chief and thing are held. Hjalmar champions the 

idea of a chieftan, and Hafgrim defeats Hjalmar in a duel to settle the issue. The Vinlandic Thing is established, and Arnbjorn Ulfsen is voted to be the community leader Unanimously.

  • Early Gormánuður-
The first council is convened made up of Knud Leifsen, Havardr Ingasen,

Leif Erikson, Hjalmar Tokisson, Hafgrim Thuridssen, and Eileifr the Lapp to advise Arnbjorn Ulfsen as Head of the Vinland Thing.

  • Mid to Late Gormánuður-
The Eileifr meets with the Beothuk to whom they propose an alliance. 

The adventurers then raid the town of Reek and demand a danegeld from the Azloth tribe. The Pukje king of Gromga agrees to a yearly Danegeld of 40 Ore. The settlement of Orlan is discovered, and the last of the Ithgin Tribe pay tribe worth many pounds of silver in the form of gems and agree to yearly levies of labor for protection against the Azloth and other tribes.

  • Ýlir-
Eileifr begins harvesting plants for herbal remedies, and he discovers 

Water Hemlock, an indeginious poisonous plant. Eileifr and Hafgrim deal with the Beothuk whom they have discovered are werewolves. They agree to provide them with one third of Pukje danegelds, and the two make a pact of friendship against the other threats of Vinland and beyond.

1001 Common Era

  • Mörsugur-
A mill and grainary are constructed in Freyrham. They are finished and 

working withing within two months. Hjalmar impregnates his unwed lover, Astrid Knuddottir.

  • Late Þorri- Eileifr impregnates his slave, Ira. The lumbermen and carpenters of Freyrham construct a lumber-camp outside of the walls.
  • Góa-
Hafgrim and the craftsmen of the camp construct an alter to Freyr and 

make appropriate offerings in hopes of a quick spring and fruitful year.

  • Mid Harpa-
The adventurers gather their potions, food, and canoe to travel to 

Markland in pursuit of the tall men inhabiting the coast and to search for the Beothuk‘s lost magical staff. They meet with the Markland Trolls, and the leader Dag takes them to his settlement where King Utte barter information with the adventurers.

  • LateHarpa- Leif Eriksson and his sailors (and foster father Tyrker) load the Bolge Hest
once again, and it sets sail across the great ocean seeking to return 

to Greenland and perhaps Europe. He takes some payment from Arnbjorn back with him so he may buy supplies for an eventuall return.

  • Early Skerpla-
The adventurers set sail, travelling around the south-east corner of 

Markland to head up its coast searching for the Troll city named by King Utte. Construction of a storage hall is finished.

  • Mid to Late Skerpla-
The adventurers encounter and battle monsters named hook horrors before
doing battle with a party of Trolls and their mages. They enter into 

the caves there searching them for a Troll village. Great storms strike the coast of Markland and Vinland alike. The watch towers are knocked loose and have to be rebuilt.

  • Early Sólmánuður-
The adventurers encounter creatures of lore in the caves (giant slugs, 

earth elemental creature, puddings, lizard men named Kobolds) and an encampment of Trolls. The residents of Freyrham celebrate Midsummer with a small feast and beseach the gods for the sucess of the adventurers in their expedition to Markland.

  • Mid to Late Sólmánuður- The
adventurers avoid the troll encampement and continue through the caves.
More creatures are encountered, and they befriend Kobolds who speak in 

the Pukje tongue. The adventurers eventually emerge from the caves and join with even more of the Kobolds. Construction of a butchery is finished.

  • Early Heyannir-
The adventurers meet with a nomadic group of natives (related to the 

group seen before) whom they learn the Algonquin langauge from. The adventurers do battle with a pack of great mammoths. The avdenturers then, with the Algonquin and Kobolds, move back into the caves. Construction of the fortified wall begins

  • Mid Heyannir-
Two troll camps (large enough to be considered Norse villages) are 

found by the adventurers who they sack and loot the camps leaving none alive save a single female slave taken by Eleifr.

  • Early to Mid Tvímánuður-
The adventurers leave the caves and split with their local allies. The 

group travels to the coast and creates two animal hide boats to covey their treasure back to the camp.

  • Late Tvímánuður-
The adventurers return to Freyrham where Eileifr summons the spirit of 

the first Beothuk cheiftan who used the Staff of Beothuk and learns its true nature of the artifact. The smith Havardr is given over a hundred antlers and horns by the adventurers allowing him to craft many suits of lamellar armor.

  • Haustmánuður-
The adventurers arrive at the Beothuk camp and present them with their 

Staff of Beothuk. The cheiftan, Nanosduit, and wise-man, Bawshdaw, confirm their friendship to the Norse and the adventurers who retrieved their artifact. Astrid gives birth to Hjalmar‘s first child—a daughter named Kara, the first child of European descent born in the New World.

  • Late Gormánuður- The slave Ira gives birth to Eileifr‘s first child, a daughter named Láilá.
  • Ýlir- The adventurers stay part of the winter season with the Beothuk as their honored guests and learn their ways.

1002 Common Era

  • Mörsugur- The adventurers seek out the Vinland Linnorm, lure it to the surface, and slay the mighty beast in combat.
  • Þorri- Hjalmar
and Knud draw up the agreements of money for a wedding. Hjalmar and his
party perform a mock uncovering of an ancestral sword, and Eileifr 

summons Hjalmar‘s great grandfather‘s spirit , an old raider of uncertain birth and low station. Hjalmar and Astrid wed.

  • Góa- Hafgrim impregnates his Beothuck wife, Shanabawsut.
  • Early Harpa-
The adventurers gather their potions, food, and canoe to travel in 

search of the island sighted before off the coast of Markland, searching for supposed stone buildings that remain there.

  • Late Harpa-
The adventurers discover the island and the great wyvern creatures 

living upon it. They fight to the nests there, destroy the wyvern eggs, and discover the remains of a buried structure and a troll sized mead hall.

  • Skerpla- The
adventurers pick through the ruins of the stone structure and encounter
stone constructs and a massive stone guardian. At the bottom of the 

underground level, they battle and defeat a mummified priest. They take the treasure found there and deliver it back to Vinland.

  • Sólmánuður-
Eileifr summons his great grandmother once more, seeking knowledge from
her. He learns more arcane secrets and summons Helve, ghast minion of 

Gaddja the Crone, from the underworld to serve him.

  • Heyannir-
The adventurers set out from Vinland to the southwest across the sea 

seeking the coast of the land marked with buildings upon their carved map. Once landed, they encounter human-like trolls that take them to their queen, Rakna. They then set out from the Highlands into the Hill Lands to battle the ancient wizard enemy of the Glemyt Trolls. They do battle with the undead minions of the ancient wizard and leave the Hill Lands after slaying many.

  • Tvímánuður-
The adventurers return to the Glemyt Trolls. Eileifr swears a blood 

oath with the Troll Conjurer Folhaar to not bring violence upon one another‘s people. Folhaar reaches Eileifr the art of recording and storing spells, and the two magicians instruct one another in their own progress. Hafgrim and Hjalmar set sail from the lands beyond Markland. Long, cold rains mark this month. The settlement of Freyrham is awash with mud and crops have to harvested early in some cases. Shanabawsut gives birth to six children—four survive. The daughters Grimhild, Sigrid, and Alfhild and son Yngvi are the first metis children born

  • Haustmánuður- Hjalmar
and Hafgrimdo battle with a pair of giants upon the short, forested 

mountain range they discover. The two then return back to the Highlands where they and Eileifr set out to return home. Freyrham suffers a bad harvest but keeps every crop from failing entirely.

  • Gormánuður- The
adventurers collect the Danegeld from the Urreek and Azloth Pukje 

tribes who have begun crafting wooden shields and Norse-like helms to wear in imitation of their conquerors. Arnbjorn and Eileifr share their respective knowledge of spells.

  • Ýlir-
A vast herd of Walrusi arrive on the island and are hunted by Eileifr 

and Arnbjorn. The bodies are taken back to Freyrham where they are used to cope with the bad harvest and to feed the vast population Vinland Fenrirs.

1003 Common Era

  • Þorri- Given
the hard harvest, Freyrham takes to slaughtering and preserving the 

meat of many of their non-milk, egg, and textile producing animals.

  • Góa- Eileift
summons the famed Welsh wizard warchief Merlin, and the powerful spirit
agrees to teach him the spells of polymorphing for future favors. 
  • Einmánuður-
Hjalmar convinces the carpenters and lumbermen of Freyrham to work the 

site of what will be his meadhall during the summer months. He delivers them to the location and begins preparations. Ostara is celebrated with a paltry feast and offerings to Freyr.

  • Harpa- The
adventurers set out from the colony again hoping to finish their 

battles in the Hill Lands. They arrive in the Highlands and rally their troll allies to battle. Eileifr buys one of the Troll Queen‘s prisoners as his slave. Once the trolls finish the construction of two coastal ships, the group sets out for the temple.

  • Skerpla-
The adventurers and their troll allies land on the shores of the Hill 

lands and do battle with the undead wizard and his minions. When he flees, they give chase back to his ziggurat home and enter into it. They battle many undead and created monsters before reaching the bottom level and slaying the wizard. They collect the many riches there and rescue his captives.

  • Sólmánuður-
The adventurers head back to the Highlands and meet with Rakna Queen of

the Trolls and are thanked. The trolls tell them about the existence of a lost vein of iron on Wyvern Island and offer to allow them use of the silver and copper mines lost to them after the wizard‘s rise. They gift the trolls with Newfoundland Fenrirs before leaving for the Algonquin homelands. Eileifr buys one of the ships from the trolls. Eileifr takes Mosa the Kobol Skald as his consort. At Freyrham, when it is recognized the harvest will due well enough to support them for another year several animals are sacrificed to Freyr is thanks and then eaten as celebration of the fact.

  • Heyannir-
The adventures take their ship along the coasts and traverse rivers for

several weeks searching for the straightest path to the Algonquin homelands upon their great lake. Before arriving, they do battle with several of the giants from the mountains near the Hill Lands. The final part of the fortified wall around Freyrham is finished, and the old wall is torn out of the ground and reused in building the docks.

  • Tvímánuður-
Upon discovering the Algonquin homeland and returning their captured 

members, the adventurers meet with the leader of their tribe named Aranck. They trade stories and learn of the Thule on the northern coasts of Markland. They also trade them several items of comparatively little value for rare spices and ivory. The docks are finished in Freyrham allowing them true access to the sea.

  • Haustmánuður-
They set out from the Algonquin lands and sail down the various rivers 

while avoiding becoming lost in the wilds. From those lands, the adventurers follow the coast back to their home at Freyrham where they bring in the collected wealth they have acquire in the summer‘s adventures. The settlement of Freyham has a plentiful harvest this year with wheat, fennel, and corn making a strong recovery. Spinach crops die out.

  • Gormánuður-
Eileifr finds a location on the inner coast of the Bay of Hydras where 

he plans to erect his tower. Hjalmar and Hafgrim collect the danegeld from the Pukje tribes in their coastal ship with the Vinland warriors with them. Eileifr flies on the back of his owlbear to the Highlands where he collects the seeds of the ash tree.

  • Ýlir-
Eileifr calls upon the powers of the underworld amid a heavy snow storm

and sacrifices his troll slave in the name of his grandmother before planting the seeds there to be watered by his blood.

1004 Common Era

  • Mörsugur- Eileifr
conducts summoing rituals on the nights of Jul while the Wild Hunt 

leaves the underworld more open. First Eileifr summons Nicomachus the Pythagorian, then Hypatia the Platonian, and then Longinus the mystic who travelled to Persia and India. He secures from each promises to assist him in the creation of his great tower using the secrets of Sacred Geomtry, Platonian Astrology, and Indic Geomancy.

  • Þorri
- Hjalmar impregnates his wife, Astrid Knuddottir, with his second 

child. Hafgrim visits the village of the Beothuck where his wife, Shanabawsut, and their children reside.

  • Góa- The
adventuers participate in the Wild Hunt in emulation of Woden and hunt 

the great creatures of land with Eileifr‘s kobold lover Mosa.

  • Harpa- The
adventures set out once more from Freyrham. They deliver Knud Leifsen 

and others to the island of Wyverns where they discovered the first ancient temple to look for the lost mines of the Trolls.

  • Early Skerpla- The
three adventurers and Eileifr‘s undead minions enter the Troll Saves 

once more and find the settlement that nearly slew them before and slay the creatures there. Eileifr takes the heart of a troll warlock for the ritual demanded by Hypatia.

  • Late Skerpla- On
their return toward Vindland, along the large Markland Cove of Hydras, 

they encounter a beached karve. They meet a crew of raiders led by Thorgrim the Varangian who Hjalmar defeats and convinces to follow him.

  • Sólmánuður through Early Heyannir-
The adventurers, with the aide of Thorgim‘s raiders and Eileifr‘s 

undead, begin construction of Hjalmar‘s meadhall fortifcations of earthworks. With the help of carpenters and lumbermen, they clear significant land and prepare for later builing.

  • Late Heyannir-
Thorvald son of Erik the Red and brother of Leif the Lucky arrives at 

Freyham with thirty warriors and a ship full of cargo. He delivers to Arnbjorn, Hafgrim, and Hjlmar letters from the Icelandic Thing recognizing their Assembly. Eielifr is given three slave women—Lucia da Vale, Eadgyd, and Atiya Amatullah Rustamid el-Tahert. Freyrham gains the

Gamall Bera, a knarr capable of ocean travel.
  • Tvímánuður- Hjalmar
convinces Thorvald and his men, who came to raid the new world‘s 

natives and make their names, to fight for him as warriors in his hall. They begin construction of a Snekkja raiding longship.

  • Haustmánuður- Hjalmar
and Hafgrim travel to the Pukje settlements with Thorgrim the 

Varangian‘s warriors and demand a great Danegeld or else they will be destroyed. The Pukje, seeing the great host, have no choice but to accept. They collect from the Urreek a Danegeld of thirty-seven and a half Ore in tribute, and fromt he Azloth they collect sixty Ore in tribute.

  • Gormánuður- Astrid
gives birth to Hjalmar‘s second child—a daughter named Brunhilde. The 

Winternights festival is held at Freyrham where the fifty-five new warriors engage in all sorts of drunken brawling, storytelling, and sports with one another and with the longtime inhabitants of Freyrham.

  • Early Ýlir- Thorvald and his men finish their construction and set their longship, the Villsvin Spyd, into the sea for the first time. Eileifr impregnates his slave, Lucia da Vale.

1005 Common Era

  • Þorri- The
war leaders of the Freyrham community gather and discuss what to do 

with their community. They decided to spread with their three ships to gather slaves and plunder, rock for construction from the ruined temple of Wyvern Island, and seek tribes to the south who grow tobacco.

  • Late Einmánuður– Arnbjorn and the warrior who follwoed Thorgrim the Varnagian to Vinland sail south in the Gamall Bera seeking the tribes who cultivate great quantities of tobacco to trade for minor gems and worked iron and bronze goods.
  • Early Harpa- Hafgrim, Eileifr, Hjalmar, Thorvald, Thorgrim, and thirty more warriors all embarked in the Villsvin Spyd to visit the Algonquin nomadic tribe. Another expedition led by Knud followers the in the Vindar Orlag to claim stone from Wyvern Island.
  • Mid Harpa- The
adventurers and Knud‘s expedition make preparations and leave Eileifr‘s
undead to help transport the stones back to the coast. From there, the Villsvin Spyd and her crew travel to the rivers leading deeper into West Markland.
  • Late Harpa-
The adventurers led by Hafgrim and Hjalmar arrive at the great lake 

campgrounds of the Algonquin tribe where they learn of the river routes to reach the Great Lakes where a related alliance of tribes and others dwell.

  • Early Skerpla- The
adventurers encounter the island Minigo where they meet what they 

believe to be a cabal of witches. Further, the ships navigates through rough waters and has to be dragged overland to avoid a waterfall. After meeting with the Cree Tribes, they hunt an active spirit called a Wendigo which they slay.

  • Mid Skerpla- After
meeting with the Cree Tribes, they hunt an active spirit called a 

Wendigo which they slay. The native woman Ashenee joins the ship and travels with them. The ship departs to Lake Nipissing and beyond into Lake Heron. Eileifr stops the warriors from gang raping Ashenee.

  • Late Skerpla- Several
Wyandot villages are encountered along the coastline, and three are 

raided by the groups who carry home eighteen women and twenty-six children.

  • Early Sólmánuður-
The adventurers and their crew sail back they way they came, avoiding 

Minigo and not stopping for the Cree. Sickness begins to spread among the slaves stemming fomr one of the raiders.

  • Late Sólmánuður-
The ship stops at Wyvern Island, inspecting the progress of clearing 

the forest so the stone may be dragged to the shoreline. The smith Havardr takes Ashenee as his consort. Stopping back at Freyrham, only eleven women and fifteen children remain alive from the sickness. Arnbjorn and the other raiders follow the ship back westward.

  • Early Heyannir-The
ships stop by the Sacred Grove of Markland where they collect herbal 

remedies to combat disease before setting back down the Great River that

divides Markland from the Rolling Mountains. The Gamall Bera beaches itself near Montreal while the Villsvin Spyd continues back to the Great Lakes. 
  • Mid Heyannir- After visiting Lake Nipissing again and treating their sick, the Villsvin Spyd
continues into the lands of the Wyandot Tribe. Several abandoned 

homesteads and campsites are discovered before a major gathering is found on a lake inlet. The Norsemen land, and near one-hundred and thirty Wyandot are slain with over three hundred of their women and children being claimed as slaves. These are tied with rope and marched back to Lake Nipissing.

  • Late Heyannir-
The Wyandot tribes attempts a rescue and fails. Twenty-two more slaves 

are taken, and those who do not die flee back into the woods in fear of the Norse and their magic. The Villsvin Spyd returns to Lake Nipissing and begins to ferry the slaves back to Arnbjorn.

  • Tvímánuður-The
ships return Freyrham and deposit most of their slavers back alive 

thanks to the healing magic of Conall and Eileifr’s herbal remedies. Eileifr the Lapp conducts rituals to sacrifice a number of the Wyandot’s

strongest warriors to the god Ruohtta in place of his great 

grandmother—nailing them to trees and inflicting a dozen, dozen cuts—for

further magical knowledge. Lucia da Vale gives birth to Eileifr’s 

daughter, Ravna, who is marked by the god Ruohtta. Hafgrim and Hjalmar return to Wyvern Island and help Knud to finish tree felling for the year. Freyrham finishes most of their harvest and brings in a good deal of the crops which were aided by Eileifr and Conall’s magic.

  • Haustmánuður-Eileifr
carves statues to the goddesses Maderakka, Sarakka, Juksakka, and 

Uksakka out of mammoth ivory and studded with gemmed eyes. He then carves a statue of Freyr to join the alter there for Arnbjorn out of ivory. After crafting fertility charms and offering sacrifices, Eileifr impregnates his freed slave Atiya Amatullah Rustamid el-Tahert with their first child (his third). Knud and his crew return to Freyrham with

a good deal of unneeded lumber for trade to Greenland. The adventurers 

slay the hydras of Vinland and clear Eileifr’s Cove free from their kind. They then build a later fish trap out of wooden stakes.

  • Gormánuður-
The warriors who followed Thorvaldr and Thorgrim from Iceland and 

Sweden begin calling for a Thing to be held every year. Arnbjorn Ulfson agrees with the men and decides that each year before the celebration of Winternights, the Vinland Thing will meet at Freyrham. Hafgrim impregnates his Beothuck wife, Shanabawsut.

  • Ýlir-
Conall begins his exploration of the island. He uncovers the gold and 

copper deposits along the coast. He begins surveying this spot specifically to build himself a hall and mine the ores from the earth.

1006 Common Era

  • Mörsugur-
Conall discovers a peat bog, and afterward he uncovers zinc and copper 

deposits in the center of the island. Little else of note is discovered by him. Freyrham celebrates Yul with a small feast commemorating their fifth years of existence.

  • Þorri- Hjalmar impregnates his wife Astrid Knuddottir with their third child.
  • Góa
- Eileifr impregnates the Kobold skald Mosa for the first time. By the 

end of the month, Mosa lays four eggs in a nest in their shared tent.

  • Mid Harpa- The adventurers, theirs men at arms, Thorgrim’s raiders, and Arnbjorn sail out from Freyrham aboard both the Gamall Bera and Vindar Orlag
in pursuit of Greenland, Iceland, and Europe beyond. With them they 

take the spoils of the Vinland colony: furs, salt, slaves, lumber, ivory, and plunder. Knud Leifsen remains as acting Speaker of Vinland with aims to improve the infrastructure of the colony using the remaining slaves and free people.

  • Late Harpa-
The ships land at Brattahlid—Erik the Red’s Greenland estate—where they

meet the local chieftain, Thorstein Eiriksson brother of Thorvaldr and Leif. The community gathers together to barter wares with the Freyrham expedition. Three of Mosa’s four eggs hatch. Eileifr and Mosa’s sons are named Birger and Arne, and their daughter is named Ádá.

  • Early Skerpla- The Vindar Orlag leaves toward Freyrham loaded with a great herd of livestock. The Gamall Bera sets up, circumventing the southern tip of Greenland to sail to Iceland.
  • Mid Skerpla- The Vindar Orlag leaves toward Freyrham loaded with a great herd of livestock. The Gamall Bera
sets up, circumventing the southern tip of Greenland to sail to 

Iceland. Chief Nadowa calls together the Wyandot, Erie, and Wenro warriors to march north—leaving behind the Attawandaron and Petun to guard against the Council of Three Fires, Illinois Tribes, and Shawnee.

  • Late Skerpla- The Gamall Bera,
led by the adventurers, arrives at Iceland and lands near the 

Thingvellir assembly site. The ship docks at Reykjavik where much of it is unloaded and those aboard it take up residence at Thorvaldr’s small homestead. They travel to meet Fjolvar Fjolvarsen in Olafsvik. They make

trade arrangements and promise future dealings. Later the party 

travelled to Patreksjfordur where they met with Sjolf Griprsen. Trading again occurs, and Hafgrim Thuridsson. promises to offer Sjolf’s sister to Arnbjorn as wife (with Thorvaldr as a suitable second).

  • Early Sólmánuður- Arnbjorn Ulfson with the Vindar Orlag returns to Freyrham and takes charge of the colony again. The Gamall Bera
leaves Iceland and travels southeastward. The ships lands on Faroe 

Islands to briefly restock before continue to the Orkneys. It then passes the Hebrides heading southward. Eileifr the Lapp summons Merlin asking to repay him for earlier taught spells. Merlin instructs them to go to the island of Mora where the Romans destroyed a Druidic army and built a fort and then to take revenge for this against the current inhabitants.

  • Mid Sólmánuður- The Gamall Bera
arrives in the Irish Sea. The crew enters into the Norse city of Dublin

where they trade the remainder of their slaves to Storbjorn Olafsen and a number of other items to other traders. They spend a good number of coins and spend several days enjoying the city.

  • Late Sólmánuður-
The crew sails to Holyhead in Wales where they attack the monastery 

there. A number of monks are slaughtered, and the contents are stolen as Connell and Eileifr conduct druidic rites as revenge for the Battle of Mona. The Gamall Bera then travels southward. Atiya gives birth

to Áttán, Eileifr’s first son. Chief Nadowa’s Hurons begin to skirmish 

with Cree scouts and destroy some outlying communities.

  • Early Heyannir- The Gamall Bera
then passes Bretony and later arrives at the coast of Hispania. West of

Lagos, the ship is beached as Shanabawsut gives birth to four children—two of whom survive. One son and one daughter are the first children of American heritage to be born in Europe.

  • Mid Heyannir- The Gamall Bera
enters Guadalquivir River. The travelers trade in Cordoba and Seville 

in Moorish Spain. Eileifr seeks out a group of Sufi magical practitioners and completes the initiation to join their circle and gain ownership to the writings of their teacher.

  • Late Heyannir-
Chief Nadowaleads the attack on Lake Nipissing from four sides and 

destroys much of the community and slaughters dozens. The others are carried back as slaves or fled away from the Lake.

  • Early to Mid Tvímánuður - The Gamall Bera
leaves Moorish Spain and travels along the European coast to Denmark, 

eventually grounding outside the city of Aarhus. Hafgrim convinces his family to join them in Vinland after they winter in Denmark. Hafgrim purchases a new built knar and gifts it to his brother Ivar who names it

Svart Fjöru. 
  • Late Tvímánuður - The Gamall Bera
sails to a small community within two days ride of Uppsala and assault a

hilltop home belonging to Bjarni Shield-Breaker who killed Snorri, father of Gustaaf Redbeard. Gustaaf reclaims his ancestral weapon, Blóð Dansari, and several of the survivors are taken back to Denmark and eventually Vinland.

  • Haustmánuður–
Word reaches Aarhus that Leif Eiriksen and his ships remain based at a 

longphuirt off Normandy in the Channel Islands. Nadowa leads a part of his army against the East Cree who sheltered Nipissing Cree survivors. Nadowa wins the battle but decides to fall back to his own lands.

  • Gormánuður –Hafgrim,
Ivar, Thurid, and Eileifr organize a Winternights Festival at the old 

homestead to encourage settlers to join them when they make for Vinland.

Hjalmar impregnates Runhildr and two others. Astrid gives birth to 

Ingrid, their third daughter. Chief Ochataiguin attacks the surviving Cree who fled to Chief Suki’s community. Huritt from Nipissing flees.

  • Ýlir–Hafgrim, Ivar, Thurid, and Hjalmar purchases a knar and names it the Metnaður. Eileifr buys a knar and names it Gullin Örn. Hafgrim buys a knar for his brother Ivar which he names Svart Fjöru.

1007 Common Era

  • Mörsugur–
Five former Varangians hear of the Winternights festival and seek out 

the group. These Half-Troll runecasters join with Hjalmar for status as huskarls.

  • Þorri– Inga gives birth to her first child with Thormarr. Their daughter is named Aud.
  • Góa – It becomes noticeable that Runhildr is pregnant, and Ivar confronts her and Hjalmar.
  • Einmánuður –
The ships set sail and reach the Sami lands north of Norway. Arnbjorn 

travels to the mining colony where Knud and his men continue to work.

  • Harpa –
The ships leave the Sami lands and sail to meet Leif Eiriksen off 

Normandy. Leif agrees to come trading with them whenever King Swein Forkbeard releases him from service. The sips travel into the Irish Sea and along Scotland. They stop to purchase bees and seeds for planting. Huritt and his companions discover Wyvern islands with the help of Minigo witches. Their party tells Arnbjorn about being driven from their land by Huron attacks in retaliation for Norse raids.

  • Skerpla –
Struggling to keep together with some inexperienced men at the helms, 

the ships take some time to make it past the Orkneys and Faroe Islands before reaching Iceland. They meet again with Fjolvard and Sjolf before taking Bryngrid with them. Arnbjorn travels with Huritt to witness the destroyed Lake Nipissing communities.

  • Early Sólmánuður– The ships travel to Greenland on a strong western wind before passing Helluland and Markland to return to Vinland.
  • Mid Sólmánuður–
The Arnbjorn and Bryngrid marry with Hafgrim standing in for one of her

kinsmen. Hafgrim impregnates Astrid Knudsdottir. Arnbjorn returns to Freyrham from the mining colony and convenes a meeting of the Thing. He shares the news of the Cree. Hafgrim, Eileifr, Connell, Hjalmar, Ivar, and their men all agree to seek out and battle the Huron tribes.

  • Late Sólmánuður–The crew arrives at the Great River and crosses the rapids. They pass through the area of Chief Suki’s Tribe. The knars and Villsvin Spyd
set sail for the west—leaving behind Eileifr’s zombies and the 

Runecasters sworn to Hjalmar to bolster its defenses. They dock at Wyvern Island, placing Thorgrim’s former mercenaries in charge of its defense under Knud Leifsen.

  • Heyannir –They
pass through the area of Chief Suki’s Tribe. The ships pass the 

destruction of Lake Nipissing and enter onto Lake Huron. Eileifr’s scouting discovers a small defensible island, and when they land, they discover turkeys. Hafgrim begins to fortification of Turkey Island, Eileifr begins concocting potions, and the Villsvin Spyd continues to make trips to ferry the rest of the warriors to the longphuirt. Runhildr gives birth to a bastard son she names Hafgrim Runhildrsen.

  • Tvímánuður –The Villsvin Spyd
continues arriving to deliver warriors who join the fortification and 

foraging effort.The longphuirt is built with shack-like halls, and palisade walls went up. Knud and his men secure the knars on Wyvern Island. Hurit shows the men how to build canoes for easier mobility. ⦁ Early Haustmánuður –Eileifr uses his owlbear to begin scouting alongside Thorgrim. The last trip ends with all Norman and Norse warriors gathered on Turkey Island. Huritt takes his leave of the Norsemen to rally the Mushkegowuk Cree.

Mid Haustmánuður –After locating the Huron settlement, the Norse land a force of roughly 160 Vikings, Normans, and undead which begin to burn and loot the coastline. They encounter the Tionontati capital of Great Tionontat and defeat their Chieftan Sawatis. Huritt meets with the Mushkegowuk and begins gathering their fighting men.

Late Haustmánuður –The Norse army pursues the Tionontati warriors, and they encounter reinforcements from other Huron tribes. The Battle of Three Armies is fought when the Norse first defeat a host of 300 and then turn to fight a second host of 500 in the same day. Chief Euyron of the Wyandot and Chief Hiawatha of the Attawandaron are both slain, and Chief Sawatis of the Tionontati surrenders himself as a hostage in exchange for the Norse promising to seek a peace without annhiliation.

Early Gormánuður-

The Norse army arrives at West Wyandot and begins to build a wooden 

fortification around the city for siege while building a second outward facing fortification to guard themselves from attack. Huritt and Chief Kawacatoose arrive with 60 Cree warriors and Norman reinforcements with war dogs.

Mid Gormánuður- The Huron armies retreat from the Norse attacks and regroup into large gatherings in the south before marching north once again. Huritt and Chief Kawacatoose arrive with 60 Cree warriors and Norman reinforcements with war dogs.

Late Gormánuður- 300 Mushkegowuk Cree warriors arrive under the leadership of Kawacatoose to join their Norse allies. Chief Nadowa, leader of the Wyandot and all the Huron, arrives with a slowly gathering host near the siege lines.

Early Ýlir – The Battle of West Wyandot is fougth between roughly 530 Norse and Cree against the 1,700 Huron. The Huron are soundly defeated it what might be the single largest battle of the year. The Attawandaron tribe leaves the war to return home while Chief Nadowa's host flees to East Wyandot. Hjalmar, Sir Richard, and their Norman cavalry race ahead and burn East Wyandots to the ground as the Norse pursue. Deprived of a place to fall back, the Huron face the Norse again at the Battle of the First Snow where all the chieftains of Wyandot, Wenrohronon, and Erie are slain save Nadowa. Nadowa surrenders to the Norse and agree to a Danegeld if they will protect his ravished tribes from the Council of Three Fires.

Mid to Late Ýlir – The remnant of the Huron return to their cities, the Cree return to Nipissing and the north, and the Norse return to the longphuirt on Turkey Island. The Norse vote to remain on the island rather than risk travel in the winter. They begin building more solid housing and hunting to prepare.

1008 Common Era

  • Mörsugur –
With the suggestions of Godfreid the Axe Thrower, the building 

knowledge of Eileifr, and the carpentry skill of Hafgrim, the Norse and Norman fortify the stockade and erect a simple hill fort to create a simple motte-and-bailey castle.

  • Þorri – Atiya reads the text Musaylimah the Imposter and Sajah
by al-Mundhir Hisham bin Muhammed bin al-Sa'ib bin Bishr al-Kalbi. 

After intense thought on the subject of religion and witchcraft, she converts to the heretical belief of Musaylimah and his wife Sajah as prophets.

  • Einmánuður –
The Norse pack their longship full of men, horses, dogs, and supplies 

and make trips to near Lake Nipissing to ferry their army off the longphuirt on Turkey Island. The bulk of their army marches eastward seeking the Montreal rapids while the Villsvin Spyd sails

into Linnorm Bay and make landfall on Wyvern Island. Havard is 

presented with the skull of Chief Ochataiguin of the Erie. He gilds and hangs the skull at the door of his workshop. Astrid gives birth to the bastard son of Hafgrim, Leif Astridsson.

  • Mid Harpa –
Bryngrid gives birth to Arnbjorn's first living child, a daughter named

Lagertha. The Norse fleet returns to the Montreal Rapids and collects the army waiting there.

  • Late Harpa –
The ships of the Vinland Norse return victoriously to Freyrham. Hafgrim

begins to gather provisions to return and rebuild the community around Lake Nipissing. His family including brother Ivar and niece Runhild accompany him as well as the Cree Huritt and Alfhild with her extended family. Huritt begins studying Norse religion under Floki Horiksson.

  • Skerpla – Having returned from the wars with his master, the thrall Wigstan begins formally writing the Vinland Colony Chronicle in
the style of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. This account is written in 

Ecclesiastic Latin and notes the major events by the Julian Calendar and

Norse months alike. Conall the Red and his slaves journey to the Silfur
Peninsula and establish New Cork. Hjalmar realizes the child Leif is 

not his and confronts Astrid until she tells him the truth. Eileifr impregnates his troll slave, Thaugi.

  • Early Sólmánuður –
Hafgrim and his people land on the edges of Lake Nipissing and quickly 

build small tent community. Eileifr enters the mostly disassembled stone ziggurat on Wyvern Island and discovers the lowest level while searching for the inscription of golem creation. Eileifr, Hypathia, and Atiya ecounter and defeat a guardian demon after discovering a broken pillar of binding. The workers of Raven Rock finally finish their project of taking apart of the Ziggurat, and they return to begin mining the iron vein discovered.

  • Mid Sólmánuður –
Conall's slaves sink a shaft and begin mining silver. Over a hundred 

Cree arrive at Grimsthrope and join their community. Eileifr discovers much of the history of the Neo-Olmec through the writers from the Ziggurat of the Lich including the process by which the lich made himself into the new form and the name of his dead sister-wife (Ichtaca).

  • Late Sólmánuður –
The settlers of Grimsthorpe spend many days on end quickly planting the

fields and for a short harvest. Eileifr unlocks the lowest level of the Ziggurat of the Lich and once more enters into the time distorted realm of the binding pillar. There he discovers three guardian demons and escapes them before they can force him to take up protection of unbroken pillar. He also discovers the nearly forgotten name of the lich wizard-king (Ichtia).

  • Early Heyannir –
Chief Nadowa of the Wyandot arrives to make peace and ask for leniency 

of the demanded Danegeld. Hafgrim and his council agree to allow them two years before they must pay. Chief Nadowa offers his daughters Kahente and Yoskeha as brides to cement their friendship. They marry Ingjeld Hjorolfsson and Gustaaf Snorrisson. Leif Eiriksson arrives at Freysheim with a number of supplies and trades with the community there—exchanging cloth, food, and animals for silver, wood, and furs.

  • Mid Heyannir –
Grimsthorpe convenes its first Thing and establishes itself as a 

semi-independent community. Huritt is elected Speaker, and he determines to return to Freysheim and learn Norse law and tradition from Arnbjorn. Ivar is named war-leader of the community, and Hafgrim is taken as his second in command. They begin to raise a militia of Norsemen and Cree to fight for the community.

  • Late Heyannir –
After exhausting the last mine, Conall's slaves dig into another larger

than the last. Its inferior product results in nearly 24 lbs of silver. Leif Eiriksson leaves Freysheim to return to Greenland for the winter while promising to return the next year. Eileifr and his undead return to Wyvern Island and collect their cut stone before depositing them at the site of his future tower.

  • Tvímánuður – Grimsthorpe
harvests a meager crop that is enough to sustain them, and their sheep 

population prospers on through the winter. Gustaaf Snorrisson and Olaf the Brother Killer are sent out to find the truth regarding the Council of Three Fires aims to invade Huron lands. Eileifr and his undead travel

to the limestone deposits discovered by Conall before using magics to 

move aside the earth. The undead then begin to mine them. Eileifr names it Aguathuna Quarry (white stone in Beothuck). Eileifr hired the Runecaster huskarls sworn to Hjalmar to carve and enchant his tower.

  • Haustmánuður –
Conall exhausted the second mine and searches for another. Gustaaf and 

Olaf enter into the Council of Three Fires territory and discover rumors of the Norse have spread and risen to the level of terrifying legend. Eileifr returns to Freysheim and gifts them with enough limestone to construct a stone wall to fortify their existing wooden structure. He then lands at the sight of his construction site and begins to erect a tower with the labor of undead and the Swedes who followed him with the mathematical and engineering aid of Hypathia.

  • Gormánuður-
Hafgrim Eiriksson sent to Turkey Island to hold the fort built there by

Hjalmar's Normans. Gustaaf and Olaf return and relate their findings. Ivar and Hafgrim determine to march into their territory the next spring and conduct negotiations. Hjalmar and Astrid come to an understanding and begin attempting to produce another child, and almost immediately, Astrid is impregnated.

  • Ýlir –
Sir Richard raises some Danish men to equal status with the warriors of

his company and equips them with the dead men's arms after they train with them for some time. Eileifr impregnates the former nun Eadgyd.

1009 Common Era

  • Þorri- The
iron mine of Raven Rock finishes, and the miners are instructed by Knud
to search for another vein. After all the intensive labor, Raven Rock 

colelcted 2,827 lbs of iron. Havard and his assistants spend many months

smelting all of it in primitive bloomeries. 
  • Góa – Eileifr's
tower is finished—standing five stories tall. He then binds an earth 

elemental to his sacred sacrificial grove and begins arranging the energies of his estate to the specifications of Longinus the Neo-Pathagorian scholar of Vastu Shastra. Thaugi gives birth to Eileifr's seventh child—fourth human, first half troll—a son named Rikkar.

  • Einmánuður – Conall
opens a third mine, but it plays out quickly despite the value of the 

minerals. This adds up to 30 lbs of silver. In Raven Rock, Gelthir the slave discovers another vein—this time copper. The slaves begin a project to sink a sixty foot shaft.

  • Early Harpa –
Atiya begins planting an herbal garden around the tower with the help 

of Ira and Eagyd for Vastu Shistra balance and use in herbalism and food. Eileifr impregnates the merchant noble-woman Lucia.

  • Mid Harpa –
Hafgrim and Huritt leave Grimsthorpe and travel by canoe to Raven Rock 

on Wyvern Island where Hafgrim employs Havard Ingasson to craft his iron spears and war clubs from the ore mined there. Conall

  • Early to Mid Skerpla –
Hafgrim and Huritt arrive at Vinland. Huritt begins learning under 

Arnbjorn the laws of the Norse. Arnbjorn and Hafgrim agree to convene an Allthing in autumn for all the chiefs and speakers to meet and discuss the fate of their government.

  • Late Skerpla- Hafgrim
then travels to Hjalmar's hall and asks for warriors with which to meet
the Council of Three Fires. Sir Richard and Thorvald Eiriksson lead 

thirty Normans and Norsemen, and they depart of Hjalmar's knarr, Metnaður.

Hjalmar and Hafgrim speak and come an understanding regarding Astrid, 

Runhild, and the children. Both recognize their children and agree to treat the boys with care and respect regardless of parentage.

  • Heyannir –
Hafgrim and the warriors return to Grimsthorpe and raise thirty native 

warriors and thirty war hounds. They march south through Huron lands and west into the lands of the Council of Three Fires. They encounter the Ottawa Tribe and travel northward to their capital.

  • Sólmánuður –
Chief Niigaanii Ma'iingan of the Ottawa, Chief Niigaanii Migizi of the 

Potawatomi, and Chief Niigaanii Animkii of the Ojibwe meet him there.

  • Mid Heyannir – Astrid gives birth to her fifth child and the first son by both her and her husband, Hjalmar—Knud.
  • Tvímánuður – Eadgyd gives birth to Eileifr's eight child, a son named Lemet.

1007 Common Era

⦁ Mörsugur – With the suggestions of Godfreid the Axe Thrower, the building knowledge of Eileifr, and the carpentry skill of Hafgrim, the Norse and Norman fortify the stockade and errect a simple hill fort to create a simple motte-and-bailey castle.

⦁ Þorri – Atiya reads the text Musaylimah the Imposter and Sajah by al-Mundhir Hisham bin Muhammed bin al-Sa'ib bin Bishr al-Kalbi. After intense thought on the subject of religion and witchcraft, she converts to the heretical belief of Musaylimah and his wife Sajah as prophets.

⦁ Einmánuður – The Norse pack their longship full of men, horses, dogs, and supplies and make trips to near Lake Nipissing to ferry their army off the longphuirt on Turkey Island. The bulk of their army marches eastward seeking the Montreal rapids while the Villsvin Spyd sails into Linnorm Bay and make landfall on Wyvern Island. Astrid gives birth to the bastard son of Hafgrim, Leif Astridsson.

⦁ Mid Harpa – Bryngrid gives birth to Arnbjorn's first living child, a daughter named Lagertha. The Norse fleet returns to the Montreal Rapids and collects the army waiting there.

⦁ Late Harpa – The ships of the Vinland Norse return victoriously to Freyrham. Hafgrim begisn to gather provisions to return and rebuild the community around Lake Nipissing.

⦁ Skerpla – Having returned from the wars with his master, the thrall Wigstan begins formally writing the Vinland Colony Chronicle in the style of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. This account is written in Ecclesiastic Latin and notes the major events by the Julian Calendar and Norse months alike.